Young Women in Law (YWL) is a not-for-profit organization that aims to provide young women lawyers in their early stages of practice with a platform and the tools to connect with other lawyers, enhance their skills and give back to their community. YWL also provides support to young women lawyers as they navigate the early stages of their career, seek to make career transitions and strive to balance work with their personal life.

This year, the YWL Board of Directors is accepting applications for the following positions. Please visit to view the full position descriptions:

  • Director of Events: In this role, you will be working collaboratively with the other two Directors of Events to plan and execute high-quality, responsive events that serve members and reflect YWL’s mission statement and objectives.
  • Director of Marketing & Communication: In this role, you will be working collaboratively with the other Director of Marketing & Communications to manage YWL’s website, social media, monthly newsletter, email communications and event advertising.
  • Director of Sponsorship: In this role, you will be working closely with the Events team and external sponsors to make sure every event is a success. In addition, the Director of Sponsorship liaises with other associations and organizations to identify partnership opportunities.
  • Independent Director: In this role, you will be working works closely with the Board of Directors to identify risks and opportunities, and to support the organization’s initiatives. The incoming Independent Director will also be responsible for YWL’s Career Coaching Program.

How to apply

Click here to complete an online application. Applications are due by 5:00 PM on August 26, 2020.

Please note that this year YWL will be implementing a name-blind application process whereby resumes and application forms will be anonymized before they are reviewed by YWL’s Nomination Committee.

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