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Diversity Statement

SABA Toronto embraces equality, diversity and inclusivity and believes that all members, volunteers and event participants deserve to be treated with respect, dignity and kindness.

SABA Toronto is committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and diversity that respects and embraces the unique backgrounds, perspectives, experiences and talents of individuals at all levels of engagement with the organization. SABA Toronto recognizes that all of our member have roles to play in promoting diversity and encouraging inclusivity in our activities, including annual member meetings, the annual awards gala, social events and workshops in a way that brings value to the organization as a whole as well as to our members.

Being the largest diverse bar association in the country, SABA is committed to leveraging its mandate to promote equality, diversity and inclusion by:

  • seeking to protect the rights and liberties of South Asians and other diverse communities in Ontario and across Canada.
  • promoting and advocating for diverse representation in the judiciary, government, public and private practice within the legal profession.
  • responding to civil liberties challenges/issues within the broader Canadian community and advocating for those who are, or are becoming, disenfranchised.
  • partnering with organizations that are similarly committed to the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • ensuring that vendors and thierd parties benefit from engagement with SABA are aligned with SABA’s committment to equality, diversity and inclusivity. 
  • contributing to the development of a dynamic and diverse legal profession and of a justice system that reflects our community and its best values.

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