SABA Toronto is pleased to announce and introduce our new slate of Student Liaisons for the upcoming year.  Please meet:

  • Mathurhaen Sirikantharajah – Student Membership and Advocacy Liaison
  • Rono Khan – Student Social and CPD Liaison 
  • Miina Balasubramaniam – Co-Student Marketing Liaison
  • Shalini Ayalasomayajula –  Co-Student Marketing Liaison

Each of the individuals above brings with them a passion and demonstrable experience to uplift their communities and current environment. We are extremely excited to welcome them to the SABA team!

To learn more about your new Student Liaisons, follow them on their respective social media accounts, and join us at our AGM on July 30.

Mathurhaen Sirikantharajah

• LinkedIn:

• Instagram: @mathurhaen

• Facebook:

Rono Khan

• Linkedin:

• Instagram: @ronokhan_

• Facebook: /

Miina Balasubramaniam

• Instagram: @miina.bala

• Facebook: Miina Balasubramaniam

Shalini Ayalasomayajula

• LinkedIn: 

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