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The South Asian Bar Association of Toronto is the GTA’s premier legal organization dedicated to promoting the objectives of South Asian members of the legal profession. Members of SABA include lawyers that self-identify as South Asian or are of South Asian origin, and lawyers that advocate on issues of relevance to the South Asian community

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Ontario Bar Association Equality Committee members Bob Tarantino and Juliet Knapton write in this month’s JUST Magazine on diversity and inclusion in the leadership of legal organizations.

OVERSEAS PLACEMENTS IN AFRICA, SOUTH AMERICA AND ASIA The CBA has received funding from Global Affairs Canada to select and place twenty young Canadian lawyers in 2016-17 as interns with human rights and legal development organizations overseas. Preparation for overseas placements begins in summer 2016, including a short briefing in July and basic logistical and…

Climate Change – how it is affecting Inuit, the North, all of us, and legal strategies to address these issues In honour of Earth Day, join the Law Society for a discussion between Sheila Watt-Cloutier and Qajaq Robinson, Associate, BLG, about Climate Change – how it is affecting Inuit, the North, all of us, and…

In January 2016, Past President Jayashree Goswami moderated a panel discussion at the Ontario Bar Association on religious attire and the justice system. Rights and freedoms related to religious attire have recently been debated in headlines across Canada. For example, a Quebec judge’s refusal to hear a woman’s case unless she removed her hijab in…

On Monday, April 4, 2016, SABA Toronto President Ranjan Agarwal and Stockwoods lawyer Nader Hasan joined broadcasters from Vancouver to Whitehorse to Gander to discuss the need for judicial diversity on our courts and the Supreme Court of Canada. Their remarks were also broadcast internationally by Radio Canada International.

Ranjan Agarwal, President of SABA Toronto, speaks to Matt Galloway on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning about diversity on the Supreme Court,.  Listen to the podcast here (around the 9:30 mark):  http://canadapodcasts.ca/podcasts/CbcRadioToronto/4808135

Join TAS for breakfast and hear Navi Pillay, Commissioner of the International Commission Against the Death Penalty and former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights discuss global human rights issues in a Question and Answer session by Marlys Edwardh, C.M., Goldblatt Partners LLP. Breakfast Discussion on Human Rights: A Conversation with Navi Pillay Friday,…

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