The South Asian Bar Association of Toronto is proud to endorse the following individuals for the 2015 LSUC Bencher Elections:

Raj Anand             

Yavar Hameed      

Isfahan Merali       

Sandra Nishikawa 

Tanya Walker       

SABA enthusiastically supports the above-named individuals for their demonstrated and long-standing commitment to equity, diversity and access to justice; their varied backgrounds and experiences; and their exceptional reputation as lawyers.  SABA encourages you to learn more about these candidates and vote for them.

As the legal profession continues to grow increasingly diverse, it is imperative that benchers, as governors of this profession, reflect the same diversity.  SABA believes that this is not just desirable but essential for good governance, effective and responsive policy-making and instilling public confidence in the Law Society.

  • Every vote is needed to effect change.
  • Voting opens in the second week of April and closes on April 30, 2015.
  • Voting is online, easy and anonymous.
  • Voting details available at
  • Your vote counts. Please vote.

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