Congratulations to Jayashree Goswami, who has been appointed to the Ontario government’s Anti-Racism Strategic Plan Consultation Group.

A Better Way Forward: Ontario’s 3-Year Anti-Racism Strategic Plan is the province’s commitment to change the way we do things and break down barriers to advance racial equity. This means reviewing government policies, programs and services to find ways for everyone to have better opportunities and outcomes. It’s about making sure government is here to serve and support everyone. A Better Way Forward: Ontario’s 3-Year Anti-Racism Strategic Plan targets systemic racism by building an anti-racism approach into the way government develops policies, makes decisions, evaluates programs, and monitors outcomes. It calls for a proactive, collaborative effort from all government ministries and community partners to work toward racial equity.

The Anti-Racism Strategic Plan Consultation Group is a forum to give a diverse set of community and business representatives a voice to engage with government leaders and influence policies and programs. This group will be chaired by the Minister Responsible for Anti-Racism.

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