This past weekend has brought sad news for so many of our friends and allies. The U.S. government’s decision to arbitrarily ban Muslims from North Africa and the Middle East has created confusion and hardship, and will only further to harden the divides in our communities and around the world. And our collective hearts break for the Muslim community in Quebec City that is, today, grieving the senseless and deplorable attack on the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec. Though we do not know the terrorists’ motives yet, it is not hard to draw lines between these events.

Though it may be easy to describe the U.S. government’s ban as an American event, it is having far-reaching effects around the world, including to travelers to the U.S. from Canada. Moreover, we are seeing the same type of hateful anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric being used by Canadian Parliamentarians, who believe that the path to Sussex Drive lies in dividing our countries and communities into “us” and “them”.

SABA North America (which all SABA Toronto members belong to) is working hard to advocate for the rights and freedoms of South Asians and other minorities in the U.S. If you would like to be added to SABA North America’s mailing list to be updated on its advocacy initiatives, email

In addition, we encourage SABA Toronto members to do their part to express our collective outrage at these events. Donate to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association or the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers, or volunteer your time as a pro bono lawyer. Email your local MP and ask him or her to support the suspension of the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement.

Do something because doing nothing is no longer an option. #NoMuslimBan

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