At noon on March 1st, members of Toronto’s downtown business community will be marching from Bay Street to meet at Nathan Philips Square. It’s our “March on Bay Street”. We’re gathering to show our individual and collective commitment to the principles of human dignity, diversity and inclusion.

At the event, we will be adding our names–by dropping off our signed business cards or making cards with our names–outside of Toronto City Hall to a petition to the Government of Canada. This petition (http://ow.ly/7fbf309d59a) asks the Government to continue to pursue and support inclusivity and stand against actions that undermine or attack fundamental principles–human dignity, diversity and inclusion – that unite us as Canadians.


In light of recent events, including the travel ban, the attack in Quebec City and the harassment of religious minorities in Toronto, it is important that we stand together against those actions that reject our core values. It is an important time for all of us in the financial district to use our lunch hour to send this message.

When and where?

Leave your office and make your way to City Hall on March 1st. The event starts at noon and will be over at 1:00 PM.

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