LSUC Tribunal Model Three-Year Review

In June 2012 Convocation approved a new Tribunal model with an independent Tribunal Chair. Pursuant to the June 2012 Report, the Tribunal Committee is required to provide a report to Convocation, no later than April 2016, on the model’s implementation. The review is confined to an evaluation of the Tribunal model, rather than the disciplinary or any other aspects of the regulatory process. In addition, since implementation of the model began only 18 months ago and is ongoing, the review is a progress report, focusing on whether and how the model is addressing its goals and providing guidance on next steps and improvements to the model, if any. The Tribunal Committee will continue to monitor implementation, once the review is done.

The Working Group and Tribunal Committee have asked SABA Toronto to provide written input on the new Tribunal model. Without limiting the scope of our comments, the working group and Tribunal Committee are particularly interested in our comments on:

  • the model’s use of processes that are transparent, fair and cost-effective;
  • the extent to which the model reflects an independent Tribunal and a separation from the disciplinary stream of the Law Society; and
  • the extent to which the model is introducing a system that fosters and facilitates the effective use of technology and effective and efficient use of Law Society resources.

Links with documents relevant to the Tribunal’s establishment and the focus of the Review are as follows:

Please provide your written input to by December 4, 2015. SABA Toronto will consider all of the comments we receive and consider making a submission.

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